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Serial Number:9571030 Style:Collector's Edition. Wood:Rainbow Poplar Top:Ebonized Cherry

Capacity: 30 cu. in.    Height: 8.25"   Width: 5.0"


Serial Number:
Collector's Edition.
Rainbow Poplar
Ebonized Cherry

Capacity: 30 cu. in.
Height: 8.25"   Width: 5.0"


This is a Collector’s Edition pet urn. Born from a single piece of wood, this started as a block of green wood and has been transformed into a Work of Art. This piece has the exact same design and build process as Artistic Urns original Signature Series - the only difference is there is more “Wow!” in the wood character.

Many people enjoy displaying our pet urns in comfortable settings in the home to remember their beloved pet. Beautiful on the night stand, end table, mantle or office shelf, the Collector’s Edition pet urn is When Ordinary Won’t Do!

This urn is turned from the poplar tree, but is what folklore call Rainbow Poplar wood. The Poplar is taller than any other U.S. species reaching heights of 160 feet. It grows abundantly throughout the Eastern United States and is commonly used for its qualities as a utility hardwood. The rainbow poplar gets its name from the brilliant unusual colors created by natural mineral deposits in the wood. Legend has it that many poplars struck by lightning exhibit the colors of the rainbow.